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Easy audio mixer is a multi track editor audio designed for beginners
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25 October 2014

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When you have the habit of listening to the same song again and again sometimes you might have thought of remixing them so that you can listen to them with a different feel. Or else if you like singing and want to make a record of the songs sung by you, you can try Easy audio mixer 1.0. Easy audio mixer 1.0 can help you to edit the audio files and even have the new files recorded. It is equipped with options to help you apply effects and even have the audio channels edited. The program supports saving the resulting files into WAV or WMA files that are compatible to be played anywhere. It is even more magical as you can replace your voice with the singers while maintaining the song music.

Easy audio mixer 1.0 program is integrated with features presenting a user-friendly interface. The software comprises of different features to perform the editing work on the audio files. Import the wav, mp3, or wma files into the program to start the editing and then create spellbinding music files. You can even have the files played with the Playback Controls to confirm of the selection of the right one. When you open the files, you get the Music and voice sections where you can make the changes. With it you can change the different features like to change Channel, Mute it and even enable solo channels only. You can add the music files easily and even you can easily change the FX settings. Have the Voice removed with the help of the voice removal filter and select to Stereo pan the channel. You can set the volume level for music, voice, and master volume also. Records the voice to be added to the music and you can also work multi tracks without any trouble.

With the Easy audio mixer 1.0 you’re provided different options to modify various aspects of the audio files and even create new ones. It also provides features like Bass, Record, Blues, etc and even you can apply different effects to make the audio file more interesting. In consideration to all the functions, the software has been rated with 4 points.

Publisher's description

Have a recording studio at your disposal. Mix music, create presentations, podcasts, or record yourself singing. Do this and more with Easy audio mixer !
Easy audio mixer is a multi track editor designed for average users. With it, you will be creating your own audio projects even if you never used a multi track editor or a mixer.
If you need to create presentations, podcasts, or even music. This software has all tools to make your work stand over the rest.
Easily import music, record audio, apply effects and edit channels. Once finished, export your project to wave and windows media audio files.
If you are a singer, Easy audio mixer will be really useful to you. Simply import a song, remove the vocals from it, and record yourself singing the song. Plus, various sound effects are included that will help your recording sound professional.
Forget about the hours needed to understand how to use a multi track editor, download Easy audio mixer. Plus, various demonstration videos are included, to get you to master Easy audio mixer in no time.
- Simplified interface, designed after professional studio software.
- Import wav/mp3/ogg and wma (windows media audio) files.
- Remove vocals from imported audio files.
- Record audio from your soundcard microphone or line input.
- Apply effects with just one click (multiple effects presets are included).
- Easily edit audio clips.
- Export to wav/wma files that you can play in most music players.
- Multiple video tutorials (Inside the help)
Easy audio mixer
Easy audio mixer
Version 2.0
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